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Smart to Future Cities 2019

Smart to Future Cities 2019Smart to Future CitiesDate: 10-11 April 2019Location: ILEC Conference Centre, 47 Lillie Road, Fulham, London, SW6 1UD, United Kingdom (UK)Smart to Future Cities and Urban IoT returns to London in 2019 for its 8th edition; the only European centric...

Spotted by Locals - Bart van Poll

Spotted by Locals - Bart van PollSpotted by Locals ProfiledAn interview with Spotted by Locals' co-founder, Bart van PollSMP: What made you start Spotted by Locals?BvP: A city trip in Brussels in early 2007. We had been to Brussels a couple of times before, and did not like the r...


Spotted by Locals - Cityblogs by Locals

Spotted by Locals - Cityblogs by Locals Spotted By Locals is a series of blogs about (currently) 16 European cities, for travelers who like to experience cities ?the local way?. On every cityblog, handpicked locals ("Spotters") write about spots they go to.