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5th Annual Connected Insurance Canada 2019

5th Annual Connected Insurance Canada 20195th Annual Connected Insurance CanadaDate: 10-11 September 2019Location: Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel, Toronto, CanadaAs our lives become hyper-connected and customer expectations increase, insurance carriers must deliver more resp...


Lewis Powers on TU-Automotive Detroit USA 2020

Lewis Powers on TU-Automotive Detroit USA 2020Lewis Powers conference producer for the TU event series on the forthcoming TU-Automotive Detroit USA 2020Social Media Portal (SMP): What is your name and what do you do there for InformaTech and TU-Automotive Detroit USA 2020?Lewis Powers (LP): I...


TU-Automotive Detroit 2020

TU-Automotive Detroit 2020Festival of AutomotiveTU-Automotive Detroit, ft. TU-Automotive AwardsDate: 18-20 August 2020Location: Virtual, live and on demandThe engine of auto tech innovationJust like an engine converts one form of energy into mechanical energy, TU-Automotiv...


TU-Automotive Europe 2018

TU-Automotive Europe 2018TU-Automotive EuropeDate: 30-31 October 2018Location: Infinity Hotel & Conference Resort Munich, Andreas-Danzer-Weg 1, Unterschlei▀heim, Germany, 85716The 16th annual TU-Automotive Europe Conference & Exhibition (30-31 October, Infinity Ho...