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FinTech Expo & Conference 2016

FinTech Expo & Conference 2016FinTech Expo & ConferenceDate: 25 October 2016Location: etc Venue, 155 Bishopsgate London, London, UKFinTech Expo & Conference hosted at TTE 2016 is a platform designed to not only explore the hot new tech and innovations disrupting the wo...


Future Worktech Forum 2020

Future Worktech Forum 2020Future Worktech ForumDate: 19-20 August 2020 (Wednesday- Thursday), 13:00-17:.30 Malaysian Standard Time (MST)Location: Virtual eventForging a new relationship between technology and talent to build the future of workspaceBII World's Worktech Foru...


Insurance AI and Innovative Tech USA 2020

Insurance AI and Innovative Tech USA 2020Insurance AI and Innovative Tech USADate: 12-13 May 2020Location: Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel, Chicago, USAAs our lives become hyper-connected and customer expectations increase, the imperative on insurance carriers to deliver automated services with ...



MagnetStoriesMagnet Stories is a discussion of digital marketing through commentary, context, and thought leadership. By sharing what we've learned from over 10 years in the field, we hope to create a space for true dialogue between those with a shared passion...


MVNOs Asia 2017

MVNOs Asia 2017MVNOs AsiaDate: 2627 September 2017Location: SingaporeWe are excited for the 7th meeting of the MVNO supporters and are pleased to welcome new delegates from India who have recently joined the "MVNO club".  We are strongly advocating for mor...


MVNOs Europe 2017

MVNOs Europe 2017Date: 1415 November 2017 Location: LondonWe are delighted to welcome you to a fresh, reinvented MVNOs Europe 2017 event. As the name suggests, we will focus on the mature but ever changing European MVNO market. It is here that the majority of lea...


MVNOs North America 2017

MVNOs North America 2017MVNOs North AmericaDate: 1617 October 2017Location: Chicago, USAThe rapid growth of global connectivity solutions and IoT services is irrevocably changing the way telecom providers operate globally. Therefore, this year we are co-locating the MVN...


NotifyVisitors blog

NotifyVisitors blogThe NotifyVisitors blogs share mnore about the marketing automation software company which provides a simple interface to push notifications and email, letting content creators focus on quality user engagement instead of complex implementation.


Steve Leonard, founding CEO of SGInnovate on the forthcoming EmTech Hong Kong 2018 event

Steve Leonard, founding CEO of SGInnovate on the forthcoming EmTech Hong Kong 2018 eventAI, Blockchain, deep tech and robotics. SGInnovate's Steve Leonard shares more what to expect at EmTech Hong Kong 2018Social Media Portal (SMP): What is your name and what do you do there for SGInnovate?Steve Leonard (SL): Im Steve Leonard, found...


Technology for Marketing 2017

Technology for Marketing 2017Technology for Marketing (TFM) co-located with eCommerce ExpoDates: 27-28 September 2017Location: Olympia National, Hammersmith Road, Kensington, Olympia, W14 8UX, England, United Kingdom (UK)  Wednesday: 09:30 to 17:00Thursday: 09:30 to 16:3...

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