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WWF Wildlife Mobile social media campaign

Tim Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 16 April 2013

WWF Wildlife Mobile online advertising and Facebook social media campaign

WWF Wildlife Mobile digital display advertising and social media campaign Little Things That Mean the World driven by Top Fan on Facebook

WWF Wildlife Mobile logoCampaign name: Little Things That Mean the World
Company: WWF Wildlife Mobile
Audience: Mobile users, individuals sympathetic to conservation issues
Duration: 15/04/2013 and on-going
Budget: Not disclosed
Channels: Online advertising and social media

Social Media Portal (SMP): What is the agency behind the campaign?

WWF Wildlife Mobile (WWF WM): Digital Spring, Twitter @digitalspring

SMP: What’s the brand behind the campaign?

WWF WM: WWF Wildlife Mobile is a mobile phone network, based on Vodafone.  Our commitment is to operate with less profit so customers get better standard call rates without compromising on service or network coverage, and WWF get more money to support wildlife conservation. Customers can raise money for conservation just by talking to people, at no extra cost.

Of course we can’t raise millions of pounds on our own – we want thousands of people to come together to achieve it with us. All we ask is that you be part of this by joining Wildlife Mobile and telling your friends.

With Wildlife Mobile, every conversation helps conservation.

WWF WILDLIFE MOBILE from Digital Spring

SMP: What is the official campaign name and why was it chosen?

WWF WM: WWF Wildlife Mobile - Little Things That Mean the World.

The concept is to reward the little things our customers do online with real tangible rewards offline – hence the name!

What is the start and end date of the campaign?

WWF WM: Start date is 15/04/2013 and is on-going.

SMP: Who are the audiences of the campaign and why?

:  We are aiming to reach anyone in the UK with a passion for wildlife and the environment, through word-of-mouth and social media channels and digital display ads.

We want to make our customers advocates, so much so they tell others about our products. This way we can spread the message about the world’s first conservation mobile network. People who are interested in conservation and conserving the world for future generations are more likely to know others of similar mind and may want to tell others that they can help wildlife, simply by switching their mobile provider, without loss of quality (we’re on Vodafone so you get 99.7% coverage).

SMP: Briefly, tell us about your campaign

WWF WM: The concept is to reward the little things our customers do online with real tangible rewards offline. We will post and seed ideas about little things we can all do that mean the world and ask our fans to share and like and post their ideas of other things we can all do. Like using WWF Wildlife Mobile.

Using specialist Facebook apps (third party developed) we will run a leaderboard of our fans. Top fans will be rewarded for sharing and liking our content on Facebook (content that surrounds mobile phone technology, the environment, wildlife and the little things we can do that mean the world).

The online activity of our fans will be rewarded with offline products, free minutes, partnership products from brands we know from our Facebook Insights that our customers are interested in and other “goodies.”
WWF Wildlife Mobile Facebook Top Fan image

SMP: What are the goals of the campaign and why is it different?

WWF WM: The goal is to make our fans activists in our business. To spread the word about a great service that they value and that helps save the worlds wildlife. We believe it’s different because we are taking online activism and rewarding it with offline products and service that the customer truly values.

SMP: What are the channels, platforms and methods you’re using?

WWF WM: We’ll be speaking to the WWF UKs entire supporter base with an email campaign explaining what we are doing and how they can get involved (circa 300k) and we will be using our Facebook page as the hub of the activity. We will be using Facebook advertising to seed the proposal and also a network of some of the largest websites in the wildlife sector to reach over 1.6 million UK wildlife enthusiasts.

We will also be using text messages to the WWF base to inform them of the product and to drive them online to sign up and start earning points for rewards.

SMP: What do you hope to achieve (what are the anticipated results)?

WWF WM: We hope to increase Facebook fans considerably of course, and we also aim to drive sign ups and sales of the WWF Wildlife Mobile product to raise money for conservation. We hope to also inspire others to want to be part of our rewards scheme by providing their products for our winners, as they will be similar audiences; for example optics brands want to get in front of wildlife audiences, travel organisations wanting to sell wildlife tours, tourist boards promoting their wildlife products and ethical green brands wanting to push their product.

SMP: What is the budget used for the campaign?

WWF WM: We can not share figures as they are internal numbers, but we are hoping we can keep costs to a minimum by activating the wildlife enthusiasts of the UK to make a small change and therefore a big difference.

SMP: How are you making the campaign social (or otherwise) and why have you chosen Facebook as the main social network for promotion?

WWF WM: The concept is to reward the little things our customers do online with real tangible rewards offline. Using third party Facebook apps that already exist allows us to keep our costs down. We know our audience are Facebook users and hence this was a natural place to build the campaign. The campaign is social, but that doesn't just mean Facebook; social means word of mouth, in the pub, at a nature reserve, at a conference anywhere. The platform simply enables the technology.

SMP: What was the reasoning to use Top Fan for this campaign?

WWF WM: We wanted to drive engagement online and reward offline. Top Fan allows us to manage leaderboards and points systems to easily control the campaign. We want to focus on our customer proposition and our partnerships and did not want to develop our own technology on Facebook to do this. Top Fan provided a way to achieve this and build our campaign around it.

SMP: Are there any dedicated hash tags or social media profiles for the campaign?

: Twitter hash tag #littlethingsthatmeantheworld and Facebook

We will also be guest blogging on various websites that are relevant to our audience, with the Little Things that Mean The World campaign.

SMP: Is there anything else we should know, or is there anything in particular that you’d like to share about the campaign?

WWF WM: Wildlife Mobile is about joy and doing little things that can mean the world but that don't cost you anything. We will be asking our customers if they can think of any other things that they can do that mean the world but don't cost anything. Like taking a shower with your partner! Its saves water and energy to heat the water, and you get to shower with your partner! All up side!

SMP: Best way to contact you and elements of the WWF Wildlife Mobile campaign)?

Twitter @wildlifemobile


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