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Social Media Portal



About the Social Media Portal (SMP)

Mapping digital, social media, social networks and UGC

We are interested in different types of social networks, the relationships between them, how they interact with each other.

Ultimately, how and why individuals all over the world use them.

We've been immersed in communities, digital environments and social networks since 1991 (as participants and researchers, with many more doing the same before us) long before the media coverage and prolific interest of them started.

Social media isnít new to us.  It's just a new term. Itís a range of factors acting as catalysts that shapes the way we communicate now with relationships being one just focal point Ė and that what intrigues and interests us.

We strive to make the SMP give you an opportunity to either research, explore, learn, interact and participate in mapping resources online.  SMP is more than a social media directory or library. It embraces the ethos of the medium and the way it behaves.

More about the people behind SMP.

If you have any questions about SMP you may find the question has been answered before in our FAQ.  If not, please write to us via our contact form.