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Profiling people in the social media space

What are SMP Profiled social media interviews?

With so much development in a rapidly progressive and evolving arena, the inevitable has happened.  As interest has grown and consumers have consumed, a thriving culture, we are learning less about individuals and businesses that all share a common interest and play a crucial role.

Creative, challenging and entrepreneurial individuals and small firms are often overlooked as the media gravitate to large organisations, well-known brands, eye-popping budgets, investment and established industry figures.  We all know there are people behind the people, and that there are great individuals or small groups that would like to share who they are what they are about, but may struggle undeservedly to get the opportunity.

Profiled is where Social Media Portal (SMP) editors asks individuals and businesses involved in the content strategy, digital marketing, mobile, social media and arena space to answer a set tailored questions about their blog, sites, technologies, the industry and more.  You don?t have to be an expert per se, just enthusiastic about what you do, your business (if you own or run one, are a freelancer or consultant), how you are using technology and why you do what you do.  The questions may change to suit your requirements so you can tell your story, and are not limited to any one format.

Regardless of the size and stature of your business; whether a start-up, established brand seasoned professional and/or new to the scene we are interested in who you are and what you do.

From learning more about a business, or an individual perspective on the industry through to what?s the next big thing/s in the social media world; the profiled Q&A gives you an insight into a company.

Read the latest Profiled interviews here that also feature in news aggregator and news sites as such as Google, NewsNow, Moreover and specialist social bookmarking websites.

How can you be interviewed for SMP Profiled?

If you write a blog, manage a social network, provide or build marketing technology, operate a video sharing site or similar you can potentially be interviewed. If you would like to participate with Profiled wish to share what your company or technology is (one or two word answers won?t cut it), then get in touch - we would like to hear from you.

Read the latest Profiled to get a feel for Profiled interviews by your peers.

When will your Profiled interview be published?

If your Profiled interview has been accepted for publication on the Social Media Portal (SMP) website, then it will appear in the Profiled section in line with SMP?s internal editorial process.   Unfortunately, we can?t and won?t provide you with a publishing date or where you are in our list, but rest assured there isn?t a pecking order.

Subscribing to SMP?s RSS feeds will ensure that you are alerted when your Profiled interview Q&A is published, as well as giving you access to other Profiled interviews as and when they are available.

Why is SMP Profiled good for you and your business?

  • Share more knowledge about your business, site and/or technology regardless of its size and stature
  • Help your target audience or fan base understand more about who you are and what you do
  • Connect your interview to your Landscape items e.g. blog, social networks and so on ? giving a more thorough picture of your company
  • Connect your campaigns, events, news, press releases and so on with your Profiled interview
  • Have your target audience and stakeholders take a more personal in-depth look at your business and/or technology
  • Discuss more what you would like to whether its about you, your sector, your business, what goals and objectives are
  • Profiled interviews feature in media outlets, news aggregators and news sites so you can link to them and share them

Want to be profiled?

Contact SMP about Profiled via our contact form.

Your social media content

Remember, Profiled is just one way that you can be involved in SMP ? you can also add your site to the SMP Landscape, publish your events, press releases, social media campaigns and keep our editorial team up to date with your exclusive news

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