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Landscape inclusion requirements

Landscape inclusion requirements

It's free to add your Landscape item to SMP, but please take a few minutes to read all of the below, it will save you time in the long run!

A few quick points, your Landscape item will be deleted if:

  • Itís not related to social media and the theme of SMP (it must adhere to the different categories outlined).
  • If itís written specifically for search engine optimisation (SEO).
  • If it in any way relates to any of the following: drug rehabilitation services, foreclosure services, mail order brides, penis enlargement, pay day loans, office furniture, real estate, Viagra etc., that isnít irrelevant to our readership (and ultimately damage your brand).
  • SMP is not interested in website launches, or updates.  If your site embraces social media in some way, more than just having social media buttons, enquire with SMP first. 

  • Sharing your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc., account unfortunately wonít suffice either. 

All content is reviewed before being published, within 24 and 120 hours. The best way to see if your content is published is to subscribe to the SMP RSS feed or search the site

You wonlt be notified if your content has been deemed unsuitable and deleted, so if you donít see it published you can safely presume it failed to meet the inclusion requirements.

Tips to increase the possibility of your Landscape being published:

  • Make sure your Landscape item and other content are up to scratch. Review this Landscape item as an example.
  • Donít abuse the name of your Landscape item in the Title field (if you do, weíll delete it). For example, if your item is called WEBSITE call it WEBSITE, donít add .com (or other extensions), keywords or, call it something else it trying to gain link juice. Trying to dupe the system means it wonít be found! And, weíll delete it.
  • Just to make it clear then it would be added as Blogger
  • Submissions have to be in English
  • Donít cut and paste content from Microsoft Word, or word processing software (it messes with our content management system (CMS)). Instead use Notepad, TextEdit or a plain text email. Add your hyperlink afterwards (three in total depending on the length)
  • A thumbnail image has to be submitted on the details page
  • Create a thumbnail logo that is a box and 150x150 by pixels for the thumbnail logo you are asked to upload, hereís a handy tutorial if you donít know how to do this
  • Submit between 50 and 250 words to describe your content item writing in the third person (i.e. no I, we). Please no award-winning, leading, over self praising rhetoric. It has to be about the landscape item 'not' about something else weird, or you trying to promote something see an example of an item here 
  • Donít add imagery within your content
  • Donít overdo hyperlinks. See point 5.
  • If you use an online PR or SEO professional to add your content, make sure they know what they are doing.  Otherwise they damage your brand and reputation as well as their own.
  • If jargon is used, yours submission and edits will be rejected.
  • Keep it real, donít use terminology you cannot prove e.g. youíre leading, best-in-class, revolutionary, only company, et al. Clearly articulate what you do in English.
To ensure that the Social Media Portal (SMP) Landscape remains a valuable resource for all to use, focus on seven specific.  

Below are the seven areas for interest for the SMP; click on the hyperlinks for each to read more about each and why the SMP has decided to include them.

The Social Media Portal (SMP) Landscape items you can submit to currently are:

  • Blog
  • Community
  • Content Provider
  • Instant Messaging (IM)
  • Mobile
  • Podcast
  • Search
  • Technology
  • Virtual World
  • UGC (user-generated content)

To put it simply, if you havenít created technology such as a social network, search engine or genuinely a part of the landscape as described for the SMP (at this time), unfortunately we will not include your resource or site at this time.  We are looking to include the above that have delivered work in this space and can demonstrate it, not those that have an interest, or are thinking about it.  However, be patient with us as we may extend the functions of what the portal will do in the future.
For any other content (i.e. articles, campaigns and research) we will need to send you guidelines to be included.  Please use our contact form to make a brief enquiry about this type of content.

Note other inclusion requirements for:
Press releases

What are you waiting for?
Itís free, register and add your relevant Landscape item now.

Thank you for your patience and reading.