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Aircharge Keyring KickStarter marketing campaign by The Clerkenwell Brothers

Tim Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 28 November 2016

Aircharge Keyring PR, social and video campaign strives to boost Kickstarter funding

Aircharge logoCampaign name: Aircharge Keyring: Wireless power for your smartphone and more
Brand: Aircharge Keyring
Regions: UK
Duration: 10/11/2016 to 10/12/2016
Channels: PR, social and video
Budget: 4,000 approximately

SMP: The brand

Aircharge Keyring (AK): Aircharge. Wireless charging solutions for the office, home and public spaces.

Social Media Portal (SMP): Agency behind the campaign

AK: The Clerkenwell Brothers.

SMP: Why was the campaign name chosen?

AK: The campaign is for a brand new keyring product, which allows you to charge your devices on the go.

SMP: The target audiences of the campaign, who are you trying to reach and why?

AK: We are trying to reach people who are often on the move and use their devices regularly. The campaign video focuses on four groups, families, business people, entrepreneurs and students. These are the people most often caught short by low battery on their devices.

SMP: Briefly, what is your campaign about?

AK: The campaign focuses on the simplicity of the product and the range of environments you could use it in. We have created a poem that talks through the various situations in which you could use the keyring to charge on the go. The whole video is shot from above, moving seamlessly between our four characters.

Aircharge product image

SMP: What are the goals of the campaign and why is it different?

AK: We aim to achieve full funding on Kickstarter of 20,000 in the one month. This is a unique campaign because the video has no traditional product demonstrations or CEO explanations and talking heads.

SMP: What do you hope to achieve?

AK: We hope to be fully funded within a tight one month campaign. In our first week online we sold out of the 'GOTTA HAVE ONE FOR XMAS' reward. The following week the product was listed in T3 best gifts for Christmas. With 19 days to go we have had 114 backers and expect this to cross well into the 300 mark by the end.

SMP: What were the challenges in creating the campaign and how did you overcome them?

AK: The main challenge was to successfully communicate what the product was whilst creating a truly original crowdfunding video. We want to avoid the cliches of other campaigns with random people telling you how great the product was. We overcame this by persuading the client to allow us to use the copy of the campaign to convey all the information, allowing us to strip back the video to just the scenarios and people who would use the product. On a practical level it was hard to keep the poem in time with the action, we pre-recorded the poem and played it out as we filmed the video.

SMP: What are you doing to measure the campaign and what measurement tools do you have in place to do this?

AK: We will measure the campaign by the success of the Kickstarter and the attention it garners.

SMP: How are you making the campaign social and shareable?

AK: We feel the Kickstarter video works as a standalone off of Kickstarter. This allows us to share the video off Kickstarter on social, leading people back to the campaign page.

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