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DeveloperWeek Los Angeles 2013

DeveloperWeek (DeveloperWeek) - 19 October 2013

DeveloperWeek LA 2013

Date: 19-21 October, 2013
Location: Santa Monica, CA (venue still being confirmed)

DeveloperWeek Los Angeles 2013 logo 150by150DeveloperWeek LA builds on the success of last February’s DeveloperWeek San Francisco. Our goal is to organize the dev community of Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Southern California with a 2-day hackathon, a full-day dev conference and a week-long series of events about the latest and greatest developer technologies.

The goal of DeveloperWeek is to discover the APIs, development languages and platforms, app hosting, analytics, coffee and paradigm-shifting philosophies that help you build better apps.

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Twitter for the conference is @developerweek
Annie at events @

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