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Pharmacovigilance World 2020

Corvus Global Events - 03 June 2020

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Pharmacovigilance World

Dates: 03-04 June 2020
Location: London, UK

With the augmented incidence of diseases, and the non-medical use of prescription drugs, the incidence of drug abuse has increased enormously in the recent years, which is apparent with the excess documentation of adversities and drug toxicities.

In this context, the drug safety and pharmacovigilance has emerged as a dynamic clinical and scientific discipline to provide adequate information and ensure health safety by the joint interaction of doctors and patients in choosing appropriate treatment method and drug. However, evidences suggest though avoidable, the adverse drug reactions (ADRs) to medicines continue to be the bigger life risk.

In England, ADR was responsible for up to 6% of hospital admissions, carrying a mortality of 2% and costing the NHS 466 million per annum (654 million, US$ 602 million) in 2004. In some countries, ADR is ranked among the top 10 leading cause of mortality. The concept of drug safety and pharmacovigilance has evolved considerably and is highly necessary to keep the severity of ADR under check. In order to prevent or to reduce harm to patients and improve public health, it is vital to develop and practice mechanisms for evaluating and monitoring the safety of medicines in clinical use.  Pharmacovigilance brief the potential implications of such trends on the evolution of the science.

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However, these days it is confronting issues to develop a better health care system in this global pitch. Some of the major challenges include globalization, web-based sales and information, broader safety concerns, public health versus pharmaceutical industry economic growth, monitoring of established products, developing and emerging countries, attitudes and perceptions to benefit and harm, outcomes and impact, etc.

The Pharmacovigilance World 2020 conference will provide a platform for the participants to discuss, share and stay updated with present state of affairs in Pharmacovigilance and Drug safety, and contribute to the public health. It will also allow all its participants to interact with the experts, discuss the various developments, challenges faced and innovations in the field. The conference will bring-forth the participants and the representatives from various fields of pharmacovigilance and drug safety under a common umbrella, and will provide them an opportunity to network with various industry professionals including pharmaceuticals, biologics, devices, CROs and PV service providers.

It gives us a great pleasure in welcoming you to the Pharmacovigilance World 2020 conference.

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  • Super early bird registration: GBP 530.00 + VAT (from 01 November 2019 to 10 January 2020)
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  • Standard registration: GBP 950.00 + VAT (from 16 March 2020 to 03 June 2020)

Keep up-to-date on Twitter @corvusglobal and hashtags #PVWorld #CorvusGlobal #PharmacovigilanceWorld.

Visit the Pharmacovigilance World website to get in contact, email or call +44 (0) 207 096 0786.

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