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Video network for Presidential Election to keep politicians honest?

Rachel Hawkes (Social Media Portal) - 25 January 2008

A new video network has launched today with the aim of “keeping politicians honest” ahead of the US Presidential election 2008.

Through the use of video, both media content and user-generated-content (UGC), ElectionSpeak hopes to provide the means for voters to find out where Presidential candidates stand on key issues and also where they have wavered or contradicted themselves on key campaign issues.

Paul Banas, founder of ElectionSpeak, explains why the need for ElectionSpeak exists.  “It's surprising when you actually filter through all the media clips to find out how often politicians contradict themselves on important issues--saying one thing to one audience one day and then something else to another audience on a different day.  ElectionSpeak provides a forum for voters to shed light on these contradictions and help keep politicians honest.”

ElectionSpeak asks its community to become election watchdogs and to help educate the voting public.  Users can embed videos from other UGC sites such as YouTube as well as make their own videos to upload – and are encouraged to attend local political meetings, film the politician and then upload the footage along with their own commentary.

Presidential party members are also given the means in which to participate on ElectionSpeak – in the form of pointing out any holes or contradictions in the opposing party’s videos.

On 17 January 2008, video search engine Truveo launched a new site for video relating to the US Presidential election 2008.  Truveo will draw video content from a wide range of sources, including user generated content (UGC) sites such as MetaCafe, YouTube and Dailymotion, major television networks including CNN, Fox and NBC  and the Presidential candidates own websites.

Truveo users will also be able embed videos into their own website and/or blog and create their own personalised election video page through Truveo’s APIs.

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