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Hip Hop star Fat Joe runs social media campaign to promote single

Rachel Hawkes (Social Media Portal) - 13 February 2008

Imperial Records, the label of Hip Hop star Fat Joe has announced a new social media campaign to promote Fat Joe’s new single, ‘300 Brolic’ from The Elephant in the Room album.

The campaign, which will run on social media platform Votigo, makes a call for the artists fans to create videos for ‘300 Brolic lip-syncing, dancing, directing or covering the song and then upload via the competition page on Votigo.  

Steven Whitaker, online marketing manager at Imperial Records says that for this record in particular, they wanted to approach the promotion in a new way.  Whitaker says, “Through Votigo, we can leverage the outstanding video content created by fans of Fat Joe. There is no need to produce a commercial video for this song when fans can develop something more authentic and viral. It's an opportunity to give them a voice."

Fat Joe fans will decide the outcome of the competition, with the video receiving the highest votes at the end of the campaign will be deemed the winner, and will be posted on Fat Joe’s MySpace page in addition to backstage passes.  

Co-founder of Votigo, Mike La Rotonda says, "Fat Joe is embarking on new territory by letting fans have a say in the marketing of his new album.  We have long believed that user-generated content has the capacity to change the promotional landscape, and we commend Imperial Records and Fat Joe for taking this step forward. Votigo is incredibly excited to power this contest."

In addition to commenting, viral sharing tools including widgets and email, Votigo claims to offer fraud-free voting on their social media platform.

Last month, Samsung teamed up with marketing platform BrickFish to promote “Your ‘Baby Love’” a single by Pussycat Doll's lead singer Nicole Scherzinger.  The competition called for aspiring singers and fans Scherzinger to submit their best “Baby Love” video performances via the campaign page on BrickFish.

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