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Mobile social network GyPSii delivers lifestyle application

Staff (Businesswire) - 28 July 2008


Geo-mobility social networking platform GeoSentric Oyj (GyPSii) has announced an agreement whereby it will be providing technology, products, worldwide data centre infrastructure, and GyPSii branding rights on a worldwide non-exclusive basis for a number of hand-held devices manufactured by international technology giant Samsung.

The agreement stipulates that GyPSii’s mobility digital lifestyle application will come pre-installed on Samsung’s Omnia (SGH-i900) and SGH-i780 models as an embedded application, enabling their owners to immediately access the platform’s location-based social networking features of the GyPSii suite.  They will also be able to create and share user generated content (UGC) with GyPSii’s global user community, as well as interoperable social networks such as Facebook.  In addition, GyPSii’s PlaceRank™ technology will be used to present users with relevant user generated content, location-based points of interest and advertising.

GyPSii chief executive officer Dan Harple calls attention to the mutual benefit in the endeavour, stressing that, “This distribution and partnership agreement brings GyPSii to millions of new users, enabling us to penetrate new markets, expand our global footprint and leverage the strength of the Samsung brand to drive marketing, distribution and new revenue streams.”

Samsung’s share of the global market for handsets does indeed provide GyPSii with a wide base of popular supporting hardware through which to showcase its products and services.  In accordance with the worldwide scope of the agreement, the application will be distributed to users in a wide variety of local languages.  Business models designed by GyPSii will be used for purposes of revenue sharing between GyPSii and Samsung.

GyPSii is currently supported by Symbian, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry devices, as well as browser-based Internet connected devices and the Apple iPhone.

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