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New NetKnot claims it will take social networking one step further

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 25 July 2008


A new website announced today claims to embody the next stage of development from classic social networking platforms, in the shape of a fully integrated “Lifestyle Management System” Netkot.

The press release announcing the launching endeavours to make explicit the innovative character of the offering by listing a number of original features.  These range from profile presentation options, including choice of wallpaper and signature background tune, to interaction functionalities such as live Instant Messaging (IM) between members, e-mails sent and phone calls made directly from the user’s profile-based address book.   Specific privacy settings can be chosen for every item posted, be it text, photo or video.

Profile content can be customised using a wide variety of options, including RSS news/video feeds and a user-created, fully searchable journal or scrapbook.  A diary feature is provided for event planning purposes.

Although membership of the site is free for individuals, the press release suggests that it is intended to support a strong commercial dimension in the near future, with Corporate or Group membership currently available at the experimental rate of $100 per year.   Members can already submit their resume to a database searchable to paying employers, as well as buy or sell classified advertisements.   A partner-operated marketplace is been announced as imminent.

The press release explains Netkot's name as being derived from the combination of "net" for the Internet and "kot".  The latter word is an acronym which, we are informed, variously stands for "keep on talking," "king of town," "keep on top" or "keep on tracking".

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