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New social network mychillpill launches for “the unbalanced”

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 25 July 2008


A new online networking platform was launched today to the rallying call of, "We've Got Issues - Social Networking for the Unbalanced."  Geared towards those whose mental health, basic character or mere current state of mind is a hindrance to their social life, aims to provide a venue where such problems can be freely admitted and discussed without fear of embarrassment, misunderstanding or rejection.

Relying on ironic, self-deprecating humour to lighten the atmosphere surrounding these topics, the new site seeks to fill a gap in the market, that of an online meeting point where the object of small talk can include the precise issues that can make it impossible for some people on more mainstream social networks such as Facebook, MySpace or Orkut.

Apart from its specific focus, the site functions in every way as a classic social networking platform, with standard features including hosted blogs, forums and user generated content (UGC) such as photo and video posts.

Site creator Sean Bowen states that, "The core aim in the creation of mychillpill was to keep the focus on social networking, but ensure that the focus would remain on social health issues," expressing his hope that, "(…) mychillpill will become a sort of 'comfort zone' for people who ordinarily wouldn't even talk to their friends or family about these things."  As with all social networking platforms, site traffic will be the primary measure of success, which in this instance gives the saying “misery loves company” a paradoxically optimistic ring.

The network will soon be moving from its current address to its definitive domain at

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