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Social media platform Moblyng enables user generated content on mobile

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 30 July 2008


Mobile social media solutions provider Moblyng announced today the expansion of its website’s mobile component, enabling users to directly access rich media content such as videos, slide shows and photos hosted on popular social media sites such as MySpace or YouTube.

The new functionality will take its place alongside Moblyng’s other features, such as uploading and sharing slide shows, "Blyngpix", photos and videos to mobile devices and the web, or sending and receiving"gifts" from the handset and the web.

Simultaneously, Moblyng has announced the addition of a new ‘mobilize me’ button that will be embedded on popular MySpace profiles such as the Crystal Method, SRC/Universal artist O'Neal McKnight.  This feature allows users to keep up to date with their favourite profiles at all times through the mobile web by automatically sending free-to-keep videos, pictures and slideshows to their mobile phone.  This is the product’s official launching in its definitive version, following a beta phase that began in May this year and which Moblyng claims to have been patronised by upwards of 100,000 unique customers.

Moblyng founder and chief executive officer Stewart Putney interprets these figures as a sign of early success, describing them as, "a validation that people want to view and share social media on mobile devices, [that] has allowed us to identify the most popular categories that people want on their mobile devices”.  He further contends that the value of Moblyng’s approach lies in that, “[it] allows users to easily watch great social media content on their mobile devices without downloading any applications."

Moblyng is a privately held company headquartered in Redwood City, California.  Its technology is currently compatible with 3G, EDGE, EV-DO, WiFi, and WiMAX networks, as well as with most video or image-capable mobile phones.

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