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Sporting network eFans to re-launch in time for Beijing Olympics

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 22 July 2008


Sports-centred social network eFans has announced it will re-launch in time for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  With several new features on display, the site’s stated ambition is to become the web’s most popular venue for all people interested in athletics, although the site also caters for all manner of other sports.

As its name indicates, eFans is a platform that hosts networks and blogs of sports fans, teams and even athletes themselves, who, according to eFans, account for more than 1,000 profile pages.  The networks on offer aim to be comprehensive in terms of playing level, with themes ranging to big name players or teams such as Tiger Woods or the Boston Celtics, right down to college leagues.  User generated content (UGC) can be added in wiki-style, with users able to post their own sports-related news and personal commentary.

eFans are already planning further updates (billed to launch in October 2008), which will be integrate additional features such as chat, marketplace, polls and fantasy leagues..  In the words eFans of founder and chief executive officer Stephan Maric, “The new release will have new modules that unite the fans that have the same favourite athlete or team. We will launch new functionality in phases so users can grow the site to be what they want it to be.”

For the duration of the Beijing Olympics, the site will be a hosting dedicated news page featuring live on-site commentary by author of “The Complete Book of the Olympics” series David Wallenchinsky.

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