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The Blue Cross launch Talking Pets viral campaign for its All About Pets social network

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 30 July 2008


The strong love the British feel for their animals is one of the nationís many idiosyncrasies.  According to a survey conducted by pet charity The Blue Cross, 97% of pet owners take it as far as routinely chatting to their companions.  This finding has inspired the organisation to launch an innovative viral campaign based on a quirky, tongue-in-cheek website called, which makes it possible for owners to hear their animals talk back to them.  The aim of the exercise is to promote The Blue Crossís upcoming social networking platform, All About Pets.

Visitors can choose an animal from a selection of cats and dogs, or upload a picture of their own pet, and personalise its appearance using a number of backgrounds, ranging from sunny beach to benighted snowscape, and accessories such as hats, wigs, jewellery, neckties and even a scuba mask complete with snorkel.  The next step is to pick a voice from the six (three male and three female) that are on offer, before typing a message for them to say.

Once the creation is complete, it can be forwarded to friends or added to the userís Facebook profile, leveraging the viral potential of social media to raise public awareness of All About Petsí imminent launching.

The inventiveness of the campaign provides yet another illustration of the British non-profit sectorís inventive, hands-on approach to social media marketing, an attitude now served by YouTubeís recently announced United Kingdom Non-profit Programme, an offering that includes increased branding and upload capacity as well as favoured positioning on the popular video sharing site.

All About Pets will be officially launched in August 2008, although its founders claim that it has already attracted over 5,000 visitors.  Recent entries posted on the network include tips on how to protect pets from the heat, considerations on the first anniversary of the Animal Welfare Act and story about a parrot that saved the lives of three people.

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