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YouTube announces separation of language and locality personalisation options

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 31 July 2008


Google-owned popular video sharing site YouTube has announced the addition of a new functionality that will allow for further personalisation of user experience on the platform.  Following up on the opening last year in different parts of the world of local sites tailored to specific national communities, YouTube has now separated language and locality so that expatriates everywhere can be presented with content relevant to their place of living using the language they are most comfortable with.

As the post on the company's official blog justly remarks, “Not all French speakers live in France”, and “Japanese entertainment extends far beyond Japan”.  The new feature aims to take the disconnect between idiom and culture into account by allowing users to mix and match between 19 different local content lenses and 15 languages, including Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Mandarin, thus delivering close to 300 custom combinations.  These options are available for selection at the top of the site’s presentation page, right next to the YouTube logo.

A Japanese businessman living in the United States and nursing a passion for contemporary Finnish culture will feel that his needs are at last being taken into account.  The drive to ever more thoroughly personalise user experience, however, should be understood in its broader economic context as an effort to increase consumers’ brand identification as well as provide more accurate targeting for marketers, thus maximising the value of promoting products and services on YouTube.

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