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Bayer unveil Nintendo DS tool and social network for diabetes

Rachel Hawkes (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 13 July 2009

Nintendo DS game and social network for children with diabetes to launch


Bayer Healthcare unveils release plans of DIDGET diabetes monitoring tool for Nintendo DS

Pharmaceutical company Bayer Healthcare has today announced a new online community and blood glucose monitoring tool for young people living with diabetes in the United Kingdom.

The tool, named DIDGET, connects directly into the Nintendo DS and rewards the user for building consistent blood glucose testing habits and meeting glucose targets and comes in two testing levels, basic and advanced.  The Nintendo DS tool is supported by DIDGET World, a password protected social network where kids can interact with other users and build their own profile.

Head of Bayer Medical Care, Sandra Peterson says, “The DIDGET meter is a revolutionary development in healthcare management.  Up until now, blood glucose monitors have been created with adults in mind.  This product was inspired by a parent of a child with diabetes, to directly address the challenges facing kids with diabetes and their parents.  Bayer’s DIDGET meter offers play with purpose to encourage kids to regularly monitor their blood glucose and begin to view regular testing as fun.”

Bayer’s DIDGET DS meter comes with Knock ‘Em Downs full length adventure and arcade games to further engage the child in using the tool.  They will also earn points from testing on a regular basis, which they can exchange for rewards such as unlocking new levels in the aforementioned games and the ability to customise their gaming experience.

The DIDGET tool and DIDGET World online community were developed in partnership with Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, with £5.00 from the sale of every unit being donated to the charity.

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