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Lance Armstrong to blog from Tour de France

Rachel Hawkes (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 02 July 2009

Exclusive Tour de France content online from Lance Armstrong


LIVESTRONG create behind-the-scenes look at Tour de France with content from Lance Armstrong

Lance ArmstrongWorld champion cyclist Lance Armstrong will be updating Tour de France fans throughout the 22 day event through his online health community LIVESTRONG.

Armstrong will be updating the site daily with exclusive blog posts, videos and photos discussing his ongoing progress, experience and interviews with his team members. LIVESTRONG have created a dedicated Tour de France area on the website, which will allow enthusiasts to follow Armstrong throughout the 21 stage race.  A tracking tool, called LIVESTRONG Loops will provide a detailed map of the course, and also allows general users of the health website to view more than 20,000 walking, running, cycling, and hiking courses around the world.

Chairman and founder of LIVESTRONG, Lance Armstrong, comments, “It’s an honour to be returning to the Tour de France for the 12th time this year.  I’m back on my bike riding for the 28 million cancer survivors around the world today.  I’m really looking forward to the challenge and having the ability, through the power of LIVESTRONG to give the community and race fans across the globe an inside look at my experience.”

Visitors to the Tour de France pages will have access to behind the scenes video (including insider looks into team meetings) and pre-race coverage.  The microsite will also feature a poll that will drive the type of content delivered.  Race video’s already hosted on the site include pre-race training videos, which have been viewed almost 500,000 times.  The site also includes a discussion forum for users to interact with peers and a ‘Drug Testing’ section where you can get the nitty-gritty details on Lance Armstrong’s drug testing results.

Joe Perez from Demand Media, the company behind the LIVESTRONG website build says that the Tour de France microsite provides a rich and dynamic experience for the user.  Perez goes on to say, “Leveraging social media’s influence, we are able to give race enthusiasts direct and intimate interaction with Lance that they won’t find anywhere else; while also allowing them to impact his communication, truly tailoring the behind-the-scenes coverage they will see.”

Tour de France will be taking place from 04 July to 26 July 2009.

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