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New photo based sharing network Path launches on iPhone

STAFF (SOCIAL MEDIA PORTAL) - 16 November 2010

New photo sharing app on iPhone launches as “a personal network”


A new application based network has just launched.  Called ‘Path’, what the makers are billing as a new “personal network” The Path will first launch on iPhone.

Dave Morin, one of the early Facebook staffers and founder of Path comments, “Path is the personal network.  A place to be yourself and share life with close friends and family.  The personal network doesn’t replace your existing social networks – it augments them.”

Path screenshotPath users can take photos on their iPhone and add context around the picture in three areas by adding tags for people, places and things.  It is a restricted network, users can have up to 50 people in their network at any one time; ensuring it is what the company is billing as ‘the’ personal network.  Path creators chose 50 based on research by psychologist Professor Robin Dunbar that stated that the human brain can sustain a maximum of 150 social relationships at any given time.

Each time someone uploads a ‘moment’ to Path, they will get feedback on which of their friends have seen it in real-time, called See.  Path says this is to build understanding and trust between people within the network and further encourage real-time storytelling.

Morin concludes, “Because of the amount of context included in each moment on Path, we want to help you explore and understand both your memories and those of your close friends’ in unique and interesting ways.  We have started by helping you see moments on a map of the world.”

Path states that more developments and additional platforms will come shortly.

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