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New social network for dog lovers unveiled

Rachel Hawkes (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 23 November 2010

Online community for dog lovers around the world launches


My Doggy Life, a social networking and blogging community has launched for dog lovers around the globe.

On, dog owners can keep a record of their favourite moments with their dog, upload and share photos and videos and share and give advice with other like-minded dog owners.

My Doggy Life websiteAs well as the community aspect, account holders are encouraged to set up their own Dog Blog ?dedicated solely to their tail-wagging friends.  Bloggers are prompted to tell what their dog means to them, and record all those special and life-changing moments spent with their best friend.?

The site was founded by ?avid dog enthusiasts? in order to give dog lovers a place to share just how special their pooch is to them.  Rick Ho, marketing manager at My Doggy Life comments, ?Your dog is your friend, your companion, your confidant, your bodyguard.  You know how special your dog is when you look into his eyes and see the loyalty and devotion your dog has for you.  It?s the little everyday things that bring you and your best friend closer.  Together we are building a dog-lovers community for people who really understand that special bond.?

Interesting, dog bloggers are offered a revenue-sharing program ? giving them the opportunity to cash-in from the community.  The way this is done is two fold; the blogger sets up an account with either Google Adsense, Yahoo! or Commission Junction and installs their own advertising on the blog, with full control over what ads (type and content) are shown, keeping 100% of revenue earnt.  My Doggy Life will then interchange its own ads being shown in between, with the blogger earning 50% of this revenue.

To get the blogs started, My Doggy Life is running a blogging contest with the chance to win an iPod Touch and six bags of treats for the winners dog.  The competition runs from 23 November 2010 until 28 February 2011.

Other social networking sites for pets are Uniteddogs, Unitedcats, Doggysnaps and PawsConnect.

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