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Nokia Music+ takes on the premium streaming music market

Tim Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 29 January 2013

Nokia Music+ takes on the premium streaming music market


Nokia takes on the premium streaming music market services with Nokia Music+ subscription-based music product

Nokia Music logoNokia takes on the paid streaming music market with Nokia Music+ taking on the likes of Spotify, We7, Xbox Music and more.  In its press release, the mobile communications company explains that the monthly upgrade from Nokia Music to its new subscription-based service brings additional features such as unlimited download of mixes for offline playback.

Music and mobile devices are synonymous.  With this move, Nokia?s attempt at a resurgence in the mobile space is extremely clear, and has received the nod from labels such as Warner Music Group and Universal Music.  In an optional update for Nokia Music customers who upgrade to Nokia Music+ is $3.99/?3.99 per month, undercutting other music streaming services (Spotify Unlimited 4.99 and Premium 9.99).  This is highlighted by Jyrki Rosenberg, VP for Entertainment at Nokia, "By removing barriers like adverts and sign-ins, Nokia Music makes it easy for users to discover and enjoy music on the go. Nokia Music+ now provides increased control over the listening experience at half the cost of many third party services."
Nokia Music phone image
Existing Nokia Music users will still be able to access the service for free without advertisements, registration or subscription for Nokia Lumia owners. For the full skinny and what may come, see the Nokia blog for Conversations by Nokia.

Nokia Music+ will be introduced in the first quarter of 2013 available to Nokia Lumina owners as a paid update to the existing free service.

Nokia image via Conversations by Nokia.

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