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Precise enters social media monitoring furore with Media Platform+

Tim Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 02 July 2013

Precise enters social media monitoring space releasing Media Platform+


Precise takes on competitive social reporting arena with Media Platform+ combining broadcast, print and social media monitoring

Media and news monitoring company Precise has released a new service called Media Platform+.   Taking on a fiercely competitive market, it refers to the service as Ďa comprehensive social and mainstream media monitoring platformí, according to its website.

Precise logoPrecise refers to itself as a business information group, providing services to brands, media and PRs helping them to understand what is happening across the industries that may service.  By sourcing the latest information and news marketers and PRs can better analyse an array of conversations that could have an impact upon issues that may effect their business, so they can make more informed decisions.

Media Platform+ strives to simplify the process that businesses currently experience in using social media monitoring tools, attempting to combine the measurement of print, broadcast and social media such as Facebook and Twitter under a single login for its clients.

Photograph of Keir Fawcus, managing director at PrecisePrecise has indentified the challenges that the amount of content to report upon and has shared how they try to overcome this, which is also experienced by its peers.  Keir Fawcus, managing director at Precise explains in its press release, "The first is the sheer volume of irrelevant content returned by some tools, which made the service virtually unusable. The second related to the difficulty in tracking both social and mainstream media simultaneously and understanding the interaction between the two. Understanding the interplay between social and mainstream coverage is virtually impossible when you have tools that effectively silo social content."

One of the goals for Precise is to use the strength of its print and broadcast monitoring to try and measure the dialogue that brands, products and services may be exposed to across social media by combing what it collates and reports. Functionality from Media Platform+ is reported to have a dashboard enabling presentations through visualisations, workflow tools, analytics charts and automated sentiment analysis with reports that can be exported and embedded into reporting.  Mobile users are said to be able to access mainstream and social content on the Precise Mobile App, although it was not mentioned what operating systems it is available across.

Precise social media measurement Media Platform image

Media Platform+ enters saturated a marketplace with dedicated social media monitoring tools offering similar services.  Many are already established in this space including cloud, CRM and technology specialists (such as Brandwatch, Hootsuite, Salesforce.comís Radian 6) in addition to others closer to the sectors Precise is more widely known to operate within (such Cision, Gorkana Group) and newswires (such as Businesswire, Sysomos via Marketwired, PR Newswire).  

The social media measurement arena is also served by publishing and technology firms (such as Adobe, Sitecore) aiming to provide more accurate measurement and analysis, particularly being able to deliver sentiment and cross media reporting to better understand audiences.  Search engines (such as Google) are not far behind providing more services closer to what businesses expect of social media monitoring tools via its web analytics products. 

However, without reporting of broadcast and print media it could be where businesses such as Precise make more of an initial niche stand. This could be the case until other providers market their services better, or until acquisition of traditional services are integrated into developing digital and social media measurement technologies.

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