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Create and Send Audio Video Email for FREE using Banckle Email Server

Usman Sarfraz (Banckle) - 26 November 2010

Create and Send Audio Video Email for FREE using Banckle Email Server


Easily create and send audio and video email messages using the free Banckle Email Server video and audio mail feature. No special expertise are required, all you need is just a webcam and a microphone and you are ready to capture a video or audio message of up to 1 minute which is automatically attached to your email message as a .FLV file. Using the Banckle Email Server interface, you can record multiple audio and video messages within a single email message.

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Overview: Banckle Email Server

Banckle Email Server is a FREE and reliable business email solution supporting multiple protocols, video email, text and video chat. Considering your business needs, the email communications are SSL secured and its advanced search technology ensures fast and accurate searching experience. All emails are archived securely with strongest industry encryption and you can retrieve archived data any time. Banckle Email Server not only provides a rich internet web interface, but also strives to keep your inbox organized by offering powerful filtering functions to label emails from different sources.

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