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Education for kids made easy through Interactive games

Big World (Big World) - 28 February 2012

Education for kids made easy through Interactive games


Wainscott, CA ----- Education is not all about what a kid learns inside the four walls of a classroom. It is a continuous process and the best lessons are the ones that the little ones learn through their own experience rather than the knowledge being imparted by parents or teachers through their experience. Gone are the ancient days when education was meant to happen only in schools. Thanks to the continuous advancement in the world of Information and Communications technology, we are all free to virtually travel to any part of our Planet Earth and beyond, through the virtual world of the Internet.

Young fresh minds can be groomed into creative and innovative minds if only they are taught in a creative way as well. Children tend to learn things faster when they are taught with more visual tools as they tend to stay forever in their mind. Quite naturally, children enjoy playing in the open than to be confined to a classroom. So, it would be even better when the education or learning is imparted in the form of a game. First, it was video games that were developed, most of them though were for mere recreation for the young ones. However, Educational Institutions have started looking into the brighter side of this invention and transforming it into an educational medium combined with fun.

One such creative medium that was created was the animated iPhone app named "It's a Big Big World". The app revolves around the central character named "Snook", a sloth that lives on in the World Tree along with his friends. And another interesting character in the iPhone app is "Riona" and his other friends are various animal characters living in the World tree. Snook explains to them about the big world around them and what is happening there.

It is certainly an educational, tactile experience for kids. For more details, please visit