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UppSite Launches at DEMO Conference: 200 Million Websites Can Now Go Mobile in Two Minutes for Free

UppSite (Marketwire) - 18 April 2012

UppSite Launches at DEMO Conference: 200 Million Websites Can Now Go Mobile in Two Minutes for Free

UppSite Creates Both Native and Web Based Mobile Applications With Robust Features and Powerful User Engagement Tools Unlike Any Other

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire) - UppSite is on the verge of changing the mobile world. The service is about to do to mobile app development what WordPress did to website development. With the release of its full version at the DEMO conference, UppSite now gives website publishers the ability to create both native and web based mobile apps in two minutes for free, something no other solution can offer today.

UppSite creates apps that are fully functional, including engagement features that are well beyond what is offered by any other solution out there. Site publishers can now update and post to their page, as well as engage with readers, directly from the interface of the application. All mobile applications created using UppSite also include push notifications that let readers know every time your website is updated. This function provides invaluable tool for reader retention.

UppSite is incredibly simple to use. All you have to do is enter your URL, follow a few short instructions and you are done. It literally takes 2 min. UppSite creates a robust solution. Other services build only a "look-alike" app by creating an RSS-Feed, resulting in a watered down and poorly functioning mobile version of your site. Native apps created using UppSite are a complete version of your site, with all of the important content and functionality. In addition, UppSite is a cross-platform solution. Publishers using any platform such as WordPress, Blogger, Drupal and Tumblr can utilize UppSite's service. UppSite will also be launching an open API in the near future.

With its convenient, easy to use and robust app functionality, UppSite has already caught the attention of tech experts. Matt Marshall of VentureBeat recently said, "UppSite's solution is remarkably easy to use, but that does not take away from the high quality of apps they create. With their full release, which allows publishers to make both web and native apps, publishers now have unprecedented exposure to mobile users."

With UppSite, publishers no longer have to deal with the hassle of developing and maintaining applications for each OS individually, because UppSite does it for them (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7 and coming soon: BlackBerry). In fact, UppSite takes care of every part of the app submission process to the relevant app stores.

UppSite was recently chosen by WordPress VIP to be a Featured Partner Plugin. Of the nine plugins chosen from thousands that are available for WordPress, UppSite is the only one that provides a mobile app creation solution.

UppSite offers publishers three different payment options to choose from: They can convert their site for free, with UppSite collecting ad revenue from the site, a $9.99 per month option with a 50% ad revenue split, or a high-end enterprise solution that can be customized with UppSite as a per demand, per month option that allows the site owner to fully control the application.

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UppSite was founded by CEO Gal Brill in April of 2010, and has 8 full-time employees. The company is in the middle of A round financing.

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