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i-Free Innovations Introduces Relevance Social Media Hub

i-Free Innovations (Businesswire) - 26 July 2012

i-Free Innovations Introduces Relevance Social Media Hub

Revolutionary Twitter and Facebook News Feed Aggregator App Learns User Reading Preferences, Dynamically Updates Content, and Delivers Relevant Messages That Matter Most

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--i-Free Innovations, a mobile applications and games developer and publisher, today introduced Relevance, a social media aggregator app for iPhone that syncs feeds from Facebook and Twitter into a seamless stream of messages that matter most to users. Built with an intuitive algorithm that learns user preferences while they read news and communicate with friends, Relevance removes the need to manually customize the feed and delivers more and more interesting and valuable information every time the app is opened. Relevance for iPhone is FREE to download and can be found on the iTunes App Store.

“Relevance displays messages in order of importance to the user, not chronologically like other similar apps on the market today”

By analyzing the user’s social graph (i.e.: # of common Twitter accounts followed / # of Facebook friends in common with the authors), the characteristics of messages (i.e.: number of likes, comments, replies and re-tweets, etc), and the overall popularity of authors (i.e.: followers and friends of Facebook), Relevance continually works in the background to deliver information that is truly relevant. And, Relevance allows the user to mark certain messages as uninteresting, devote more time to certain authors or posts, and vote certain authors up or mute them entirely. As soon as the user opens the app, it begins collecting this information and dynamically updates the delivered content based on the new feedback with every refresh of the newsfeed.

Other great features include the ability to manually input how much time a user can devote to reading posts (from 1 minute to 1 hour), defining the time period for which users can see their updates (from the last 15 minutes to the last week), and preview content display, which displays pictures or websites from links included in received messages. And, with just one tap, these links can be fully opened if the user wishes to do so.

Relevance displays messages in order of importance to the user, not chronologically like other similar apps on the market today,” said Kirill Petrov, Managing Director, i-Free Innovations. “The intuitive technology behind Relevance takes into account a user’s social graph along with the characteristics of messages to deliver information they WANT to see, not just what’s next!”

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Device Requirements:

* iPhone

* Requires iOS 4 and higher

* Size – 10MB

About i-Free Innovations

i-Free Innovations, a subsidiary of i-Free Ltd., features a unique team of professionals dedicated to the development and publishing of applications and games for smartphones and new network devices. Under the i-Free umbrella, i-Free Innovations is constantly engaged in research of new prospective technologies for a company that has experienced tremendous growth in the CIS since 2001 and internationally since 2006. i-Free, known as a specialist developer and implementer of innovative projects in mobile and NFC technology, electronic finance, digital content distribution, and electronic payments and micropayments, makes its products available in more than 100 countries, grossing over US $200 Million in sales in 2011. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Russia, i-Free also successfully operates offices in Moscow, Kyiv (Ukraine), Minsk (Belarus), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Mumbai (India), Beijing (China) and Sao-Paolo (Brazil), employing over 500 staff. i-Free partners with the leading cellular operators in Russia and the CIS, with global mobile equipment vendors, banks, transnational brands and trademarks, major media holdings, publishers and Internet resources. For more information, visit




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