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Germin8 Launches Social Metrix, a Powerful Solution for Social Media Measurement

Germin8 (PR Newswire) - 27 March 2015

MUMBAI/PRNewswire/ --

Germin8, one of the leaders in Social Media Intelligence, today announced the launch of Social Metrix, a social media measurement tool that helps marketing professionals measure key metrics related to their brand's social channels. The tool helps them find areas of improvement on their social media channels while understanding their audience, the content they publish, the responsiveness of their brand and how they stack up against their competition.

Social Metrix is a part of Germin8's ongoing effort to help brands become more consumer-centric and engaging. This solution has been validated by several brands through a six-month-long beta phase, where feedback from brand managers was incorporated in making the product more actionable.

At Godrej, their brand teams have taken both strategic and tactical decisions based on the insights provided by the tool for 12 Godrej brands. Here is what Shireesh Joshi, COO, Strategic Marketing Group at Godrej had to say, "Germin8 Social Metrix has helped our brands understand their social media activity with greater depth and helped improve effectiveness and efficiency of our social media activities by allowing more data-backed decisions. Germin8 themselves have been a great partner in building this tool and making it work for our diverse businesses in multiple countries."

"In this era of ever-changing media platforms and content strategies, we are defining the metrics that matter most to a marketer amongst a myriad of available options. We have built our product keeping in mind the fact that users will always be looking for actionable insights rather than data. What we really want is to encourage better quality content and more engagement in real time; such that brand posts become conversation worthy," says Ranjit Nair, CEO of Germin8.

Social Metrix trumpets multiple benefits for social media professionals by helping them measure the metrics that matter. These key metrics are related to the audience, the content being put out by the brand and the responsiveness of the brand. Based on these metrics, Social Metrix helps the brand understand the areas in need of improvement and fine tune its content, based on the type of posts that receive maximum engagement. In order to best utilise social media spends, marketers can categorise the content strategy according to different themes and campaigns.

The tool makes following up with the social media team easy and measuring the brand channel's turnaround time and response rates effective and proactive. A brand's performance can now be evaluated against set targets while benchmarking metrics against themselves and/or the competition. This way, brands can figure out what works with the audience and better engage with them.

Currently, the tool analyses Facebook and Twitter, with YouTube and Instagram soon to follow.

About Germin8:

Germin8 (Germinait Solutions Private Limited) is a social media analytics product company, headquartered in Mumbai. Germin8 is focused on building products that enable organisations to make better decisions based on insights drawn by analysing unstructured data. Germin8's proprietary stakeholder analytics platform takes stakeholder conversations from both public and private sources like social media, news, e-mails and chats, analyses them using proprietary text mining algorithms and presents them on live interactive dashboards. The product was launched in 2012 and is currently being used by over 130 brands and agencies like Johnson & Johnson, MTV & GroupM, directly or through partner agencies.

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Sunil Palrecha
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CMO, Germin8

SOURCE Germinait Solutions Private Limited

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