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APUS Group Adds Personal, Social Flair to APUS Launcher With 'Linked Wallpaper'

APUS Group (PR Newswire) - 22 July 2015

Linked Wallpaper offers APUS Launcher users a unique and personalized experience they can share

SAN FRANCISCO/PRNewswire/ -- APUS Group, a Beijing-based Android app developer, today announced the launch of Linked Wallpaper', available within its flagship app APUS Launcher.

Linked Wallpaper allows two users to share wallpapers with one another, including photographs, from anywhere in the world with friends. Set your partner's and family member's wallpapers remotely to stay in touch and share memories with a fun, unique and personal feature.

How Linked Wallpaper works -- Linked Wallpaper works by linking accounts with a unique code that can be shared and entered by other users. After entering their code, you can choose your wallpaper or own photos then share half of it with the other party or instead mirror the full image onto their homescreen.

The roll out of Linked Wallpaper follows APUS' initiative to develop innovative and smart features that deliver not only a fast and simple user experience, but one that's also personalized to suit the demand for a customized look and feel.

"We want our users to get a unique experience out of their Android device that's personal to them," said Li Tao, APUS Group's Founder and CEO. "Linked Wallpaper is an innovative new feature that's social and fun to customize their APUS Launcher and share an experience that's meaningful or exciting, yet completely unique to them."

Accompanying the launch, APUS also debuted a video on YouTube showcasing Linked Wallpaper:

Linked Wallpaper screenshots:

About APUS Group

Founded in June 2014 by APUS Group CEO Li Tao, APUS Group's mission is to deliver the world's most intuitive user experience to Android smartphone users worldwide. A Top 10 developer on Google Play, APUS Group develops intelligent critical system apps that collectively embody the APUS User System, an Android-based app ecosystem of APUS products and services, including APUS Launcher, APUS Browser, APUS Message Center, APUS Booster+, APUS Flashlight, and APUS Locker. The APUS User System totals 200 million Android users worldwide. Learn more about APUS Group at

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