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Migreat & TawiPay Partner to Provide More Transparency to Migrants About International Money Transfer Fees

Migreat and TawiPay (PR Newswire) - 07 July 2015

GENEVA and LONDON/PRNewswire/ --

Migreat, the web and mobile platform for migrants, and TawiPay, the comparison website for international money transfer services, partner to bring transparency to two of the services migrants need most; immigration visas and money transfer.

Starting today, Migreat will use TawiPay's technology to provide users with the ability to compare the fees for transferring money between the UK and Poland, as well as other routes, for more than 440 money transfer companies - for FREE. With the shared goal of providing transparent, accurate, and understandable information to migrants, the partnership between Migreat and TawiPay is a natural fit.

By enabling people to enter the amount of money they would like to transfer and then displaying the total that will be delivered in an easy to filter list - similar to how Skyscanner or compare air fares - Migreat and Tawipay make it fast and easy for migrants to find the fastest and cheapest way to send money home.

"Migreat provides simple to use tools and information in 11 languages for millions of migrants every month in Europe's five largest immigration destinations. Our partnership with TawiPay adds a valuable feature to for people to find accurate and transparent information about money transfer fees; which furthers our overall mission of making migration easier," says Daniel Lizio-Katzen, CEO of Migreat.

"Migrants work hard to earn the money that they send home, but face, on average, hefty fees of 8% or more. Our partnership with Migreat is a step forward in our mission to empower migrants with the information to help them save on money transfer fees. $28 billion could be saved each year by migrants if they chose a less expensive money transfer provider," said François Briod, Co-founder & CEO of TawiPay.

As Migreat expands to include more destination countries where it provides visa and migrant community guides; and TawiPay adds more money transfer routes, the partnership will result in migrants having ever greater access to transparent and accurate money transfer rates.

Immigration and money transfers are essential drivers of social change and development. With the number of international migrants expected to surpass 250,000,000 this year and money transfers reaching $586 billion US dollars in 2014 (up from 191,000,000 people and $257 billion in 2005), the tools that Migreat and TawiPay provide could help migrants save billions of dollars on unnecessary money transfer fees per year.

About Migreat

Migreat is the leading resource for migrants to discover, access and share contacts, places and social tips about their new neighborhoods. By connecting migrants with local communities, and providing a suite of tools to assist with the visa and settlement process, Migreat simplifies the immigration journey. The Migreat platform is available in 11 languages and offers personalised info, easy to use tools and comprehensive guides across the five largest migrant destinations in Europe. With articles and features that connect new arrivals with local experts,,,, and enable migrants to access information that has traditionally been overly complicated and difficult to find. Through Migreat, businesses can reach new audiences and market themselves to members of their local communities. Migreat has offices in London and NYC and is used by millions of people each month. For more information, visit

About TawiPay

TawiPay is the international money transfer search engine helping migrants find the cheapest, fastest, most convenient and trustful ways to send their money back home to their friends & family. TawiPay is fully independent, completely free of charge and was founded by three Swiss entrepreneurs with the goal of helping migrants save on remittances. The comparison tool is easy to use in just a few clicks. After entering the amount to be sent and the destination country, users can see all established money transfer services and compare their respective fees, exchange rates, transfer times and payment methods. An emphasis has been made to disclose and display all hidden fees, so that users can make an informed decision when choosing the most appropriate service. TawiPay compares more than 440 money transfer operators in 280 country pairs and is available in 9 different languages.

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SOURCE Migreat and TawiPay

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