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Fan Media Building A Network Of iPhone Video Correspondents

Fan Media Network (PR Newswire) - 28 August 2015

App Organizes Sports Fans As Video Journalists Through Competition And Voting

DALLAS/PRNewswire/ -- Fan Media Network is the first media company in the world where the viewers vote and help determine the network's correspondents (Patent Pending).

The app has over 200 channels covering the top teams in the NFL, NCAA, NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS. Fans compete for official status, to get their videos onto their favorite team's channels, special access and to possibly earn money. There will be new and different official iPhone video correspondents every season for each team. Former college football players are also in the app making videos on their former team's channels. Fan Media Network is an independent news and entertainment media company and a mobile social network that is anchored by organized and entertaining 30- and 60-second videos.

Fan Media is now available in the App Store

The official correspondents get up to 60 seconds for their videos and any fan gets up to 30 seconds.

For fans who do not want to make videos or be on-camera, they can still watch videos, vote, share, and search for other fans of their favorite teams or fans in their area and connect through in-app texting.

Unlike other social networks, Fan Media is designed to connect people who don't know each other through the power and common bond of sports. This is done through discovering other fans of your favorite teams and fans in your area and by using our advanced search.

"Fan Media is an open network, not a closed private network like Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. Anyone can check anyone out on Fan Media because sports fans don't hide. Fans are like...I love the Oakland Raiders. Look at me! Sometimes user videos appear on social networks but you can't see them unless you are friends with Oakland Raiders fans. This is one of several problems we solve," said founder and CEO, Kirk Berridge.

"Plus those social networks lack purpose for video journalism. For instance, they are not collaborating with Washington Redskins fans to see what fans think about the team losing its trademark. Fan Media does. We have purpose."

The company is comprised of staff with sports media and broadcast journalism backgrounds. Berridge worked in digital media and corporate sponsorships for the San Francisco 49ers, San Jose Sharks and Big Ten Conference.

Contact: Jeff Goda,, 480-797-3211

SOURCE Fan Media Network

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