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WiFi Master Key Gains Popularity as SE Asia Adopts Sharing Economy

Wifimaster (Singapore) Pte Ltd (PR Newswire) - 23 October 2015

SINGAPORE/PRNewswire/ -- WiFi Master Key (, a free WiFi hotspot-crowdsourcing app, is seeing a surge in popularity in Southeast Asia as it helps a growing community get online in the region.

The Shanghai-based startup, which lets users easily and safely connect to free WiFi hotspots shared by other users, is growing rapidly to become one of the frontrunning proponents of the "sharing economy".

The app has climbed this week to be ranked 10th on Google Play's tools app chart in the Philippines. In Indonesia, it also also seen its popularity surged to the 10th place of the tools app chart.

It comes after the app became the #1 tools app in Malaysia last month, while also becoming the #5 most popular free app in the country. In Vietnam, it became on Sept 22 the #1 tool app, and the #5 free app in general.

Founder and CEO Mr Chen Danian said in a recent speech that WiFi Master Key has become an important tool for many on-demand services in China. He said: "WiFi Master Key will help more and more people get online for free, while providing better mobile services as we dig deep into our expanding data pool."

The fast-growing company set up in May a regional headquarter in Singapore - strategically located to tap into fast growing markets in the region.

When a user shares a WiFi hotspot with the community, other users can use the shared information in the database to get online for free. To protect privacy and security, the app does not reveal any shared WiFi passwords; instead, it encrypts and stores the shared information in its cloud database.


Launched in September 2012, the company sets the record of being China's youngest unicorn mobile Internet company to achieve a billion-dollar valuation earlier this year, after closing a $52 million Series A funding. As of August 2015, the app has connected a total of 700 million users, 360 million monthly active users, and an average of close to 30 million connections daily.

Key features of the app include safe WiFi sharing without revealing shared passwords, in-built signal detector, customisable power saving settings, tethering function, among others, to enhance the connectivity experience.

Yolanda Huang

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