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Destiny Media Technologies Announces API to Enable Integration of Clipstream Platform into Third Party Offerings

Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. (PR Newswire) - 06 November 2015

Destiny Media Technologies Announces API to Enable Integration of Clipstream® Platform into Third Party Offerings

VANCOUVER/PRNewswire/ - Destiny Media Technologies (TSXV: DSY) (OTCQX: DSNY) today announced that it has rolled out a server API (application program interface) for its cloud based streaming video hosting solution.  This is in addition to the player API which was released as part of the recently announced fall release.

The API enables third parties to offer the innovative new Clipstream® Javascript player with cloud based encoding and hosting as a feature in their own offerings.  The API will enable third parties to use their own software or their own site's user interface to interact with their customers, then push their customers' videos into Destiny's back-end.  Cloud servers would encode the video into the Clipstream® format, then return an embed code that would show the videos within the customers' own solution.

"We continue to see opportunities to build our offering into a wide variety of products such as video editing and camera software and can imagine a variety of niches where video would improve other companies' offerings", said Destiny's CEO Steve Vestergaard.  "Realtors could upload video to their local real estate site, consumers could upload video to classified and dating sites, online retail could let manufacturers provide product videos, ISP's could offer video to their own hosting customers – the possibilities are endless.

We hope to immediately integrate with our first video advertising technology partner announced September 9th.

We feel that the offering of our API provides Destiny a faster path to broad-based commercialization by leveraging the customer relationship's channel partners already have and should in turn accelerate the growth and adoption of the Clipstream solution."

About Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.  
Destiny Media Technologies (DSY.V) (DSNY) provides services that enable content owners to securely display and distribute their audio and video content digitally through the internet. The Company's two major services are Clipstream® and Play MPE®. Clipstream® ( is a video format that plays on any modern smart phone, tablet, internet, TV, or computer. With Clipstream®, there is no player to configure or install, videos never go obsolete, and there are up to 90% cost savings from caching.  Play MPE® ( provides a standardized method to securely and cost effectively distribute pre-release music to radio stations and other music industry professionals, before it is ready for sale.  More information can be found at

SOURCE Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.

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