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Vpon Releases the Latest Hong Kong Mobile Advertising Data Report

Vpon Big Data Group (PR Newswire) - 28 September 2016

HONG KONG/PRNewswire/ -- Vpon, Asia's leading big data company, releases the latest Hong Kong mobile advertising data report, revealing Hong Kong mobile market and mobile users' behavior pattern. An in-depth analysis of Sports Fanatics has been conducted to unveil their online behavior, providing insights to advertisers when striving to formulate an accurate advertising strategy.

There was an increasing trend in terms of the number of Sports Fanatics, which has more than 40% year-over-year growth, according to Vpon's report. Sports Fanatics are found to be more likely to get online via mobile on Monday and Tuesday throughout the whole week, and more active during 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. comparing with other mobile users. Interestingly, Sports Fanatics were not merely showing the high attention over sports or health related ad or information, but also demonstrating a fairly high interest on the ad or information about finance, investment, and real estate. There was 70% of Sports Fanatics who were also categorized as Finance Guru based on their online behavior.

Arthur Chan, Hong Kong General Manager of Vpon Big Data Group, said that advertisers were trapped in the common pitfall of thinking sports fanatics simply as 'sports-loving' people when planning their advertising strategy. He added, "It could be obsolete if advertisers solely adopt the media buying originated from traditional media in the digital world. The beauty of programmatic world is allowing us to implement audience buying precisely than ever before. Vpon first collects the mobile users' behavior from various channels, and then launches the multi-dimensional analysis and tags audience on the basis of their interest through our Data Management Platform (DMP), enabling advertisers to grasp the most potential consumers accurately."

The Hong Kong smartphone market remained the battlefield of two tech giants, Apple and Samsung, which accounted for more than 80% of market share in total. In spite of having 10% less market share than Samsung, Apple's smartphone models still conquered the top 3 mobile devices in Hong Kong. In particular, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus had the highest adoption rate as of June, 2016. Arthur predicts that the sales of the newly-launched iPhone 7 is optimistic, as it might successfully capture the existing users of iPhone 6 series.

The report also revealed that mobile users preferred the smartphone screen size ranging from 4'7" to 5'7". Specifically, android users were more likely to adopt the screen size that over 5 inches or above. This could probably explain the failure of the launch of iPhone SE with a smaller screen size, which attempted to absorb the existing iPhone 5S users. The penetration rate of iPhone SE remained a low level which only accounted for 1% of iOS devices market.

Smartphone with smaller screen size is losing ground probably because of the change of mobile users' online behavior. According to the latest report, mobile users had a high demand on watching video through their mobile devices that bigger screen size is more favorable for this behavior. Arthur said, "This is an important notice for advertisers. Confronting the immense demand of video from mobile users, advertisers have to be more creative and incorporate more eye-catching elements, such as 360 Gyro sensitive technology, vertical video, interactive video, into an ad in order to enhance users' ad experience."

To download the full version of "2016 Q2 Hong Kong Mobile Advertising Market Report," please go to the following URL:

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A leading Big Data Analytics company in Asia, Vpon Big Data Group was founded in 2008 and focuses on the area of big data processing and analytics capabilities, and proprietary technology specializing at mobile targeting advertisements. Vpon services over 1500 renowned brands through its network of 4 offices in Shanghai, Tokyo, Taipei, and Hong Kong. Vpon has expanded its coverage of over 600 million unique mobile users across Asia to provide insights and strategies for clients to explore business opportunities through mobile marketing and use data to drive transactions.

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