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The Digital Transformation of the Food Value Chain

Reuters Events - 28 May 2020

ADM, Landus Cooperative and Better Food Ventures talk about the Digital Transformation of the Food Value Chain in Reuters Events webinar

London, UK ---- Reuters Events announces a webinar on Thursday May 28th at 12.00pm EDT focused on how companies are adopting digital tools and technologies to improve productivity and drive efficiencies across food production, supply and distribution.

The Food & Agriculture team at Reuters Events brings you a panel of experts to look at how companies across the food chain are collaborating and using a variety of technology solutions to improve the quality and traceability of products in the face of rising consumer demands.

  • With insight from industry leaders including:
  • Jarrod Anderson, Emerging Technology Lead, ADM
  • Matt Carstens, Chief Executive Officer, Landus Cooperative
  • Seana Day, Partner, Better Food Ventures
  • Aaron Magenheim, CEO & Founder, AgTech Insight (Moderator)

Register for the free webinar or request the recordings via the webinar webpage.

Join these experts for your guide to driving the digital transformation of food production & supply.

Understand the power of tech and data platforms to fundamentally change the face of food production & supply on-farm and further downstream

  • Discover where the biggest opportunities are for data-backed decision making across the food supply chain - and what the current state of play is
  • Find out where digital tools and technologies are having the most impact now – and where the industry sees the biggest opportunities coming in the next 5 years
  • What’s the impact of COVID-19? Is this likely to accelerate or slow down digital transformation across the food value chain?

Register for the free webinar or request the recordings via the webinar webpage.

Contact: For more information about this webinar, and more coming in the series, please contact Pete Carkeek, Head of Food & Agriculture, Reuters Events on.

Pete Carkeek
Head of Food & Agriculture
Reuters Events
Tel: +44 (0)20 7375 7160
US Toll-Free: 1855 3727 500 x 7160

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