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Social Media Portal interview with Natasha Preocanin about On The Edge Birmingham

Tim Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 09 October 2012

Social Media Portal interview with On The Edge Birmingham

Social Media Portal profiled interview with Natasha Preocanin, events manager for On The Edge Birmingham

OnTheEdge logo smallSocial Media Portal (SMP): What do you do there at On The Edge Birmingham?

Natasha Preocanin (NP): Iím the Events Manager. I put together the conferences; everything from organising the early start, the location, the food, the speakers, the presentations... the list goes on!

SMP: Tell us a little more about the company / companies organising On The Edge Birmingham?

NP: On The Edge is hosted by one of the most progressive networking sites for marketers. Through blogs, forums, events, jobs etc marketers have a place to go and communicate Ė weíre currently standing on over 8,000 members and weíre increasing daily

SMP: Briefly, tell us about On The Edge Birmingham, what is it and when / where is the event scheduled?

OnTheEdge logo 150x150NP: On The Edge Birmingham is the last in the series of our one-day digital marketing conferences that have been taking place across the UK. Itís being held at Macdonald Burlington Hotel on Tuesday, 30th October 2012.

Itís a one-day learning extravaganza! We have a line-up of expert speakers covering the hot digital topics, including; SEO, PPC, content marketing, video, mobile and social media.

SMP: Is it connected to any other On The Edge events and how have they gone so far this year?

NP: On The Edge is actually a series of one-day digital marketing conferences that have taken place across the UK this year; the first was in London, followed by Bristol and then Manchester just after.

Itís been a busy time! All the conferences have been very successful with the delegates having informed us of all that they have learnt and been able to implement. Thatís what we were aiming for, so thatís a success to us.

SMP: Who are your target audience and why (and who should attend)?

NP: Anyone who needs to further their digital marketing knowledge and understanding, which, as itís forever changing with technology, doesnít cut too many people out, right! The event is designed to help everyone and anyone, which is why it covers all the different topics  

SMP: Why was On The Edge Birmingham started, and how long has it been going?

NP: The co-founders of the UK Marketing Network were starting to tire of attending conferences that never seemed to provide much benefit. There werenít too many sneaky tricks given away lightly so they decided that enough was enough Ė they were going to get those best in their fields to handover the tricks of the trade!

On The Edge only started this year, so although we havenít had our first birthday yet, weíre nearly up to our fourth conference. I think thatís pretty impressive!

SMP: What is On The Edge Birmingham event doing thatís different (does it have a different vibe to the others)?

NP: On The Edge Birmingham, as with all our conferences, isnít about running a gauntlet of sales people to get to a session that lasts 15 minutes and you canít even hear.

On The Edge is a non-pitch, sit down conference, all about the delegate and what they can achieve from the day. Every speaker has been informed that ďthe delegate needs to leave your presentation with key takeaways that will enable them to implement a digital strategy immediately.Ē  With our speakers covering the main areas of digital marketing, weíre hoping the attendees will leave the conference bursting with ideas and ways to improve their skills and business.

SMP: What will be the highlights at the event?

NP: Highlights at the event... I think this is always the hardest question. The speakers and their topics all cover different subjects, but I am pretty excited to learn more from Luke Smith on Paid Search (ex Google) and John Allard on Video.

SMP: How are you attracting attendees to the event?

NP: There are various different ways that weíre attracting attendees, obviously weíre making the full use of our UK Marketing Network, but we also have some fantastic sponsors and media partners who are spreading the word! It goes without saying that weíre utilising all social media channels as well.

SMP: What are the most important things that attendees can take away from this event?

NP: Their notebook packed full of speaker take-aways is probably going to be their most valuable take-away from the day, until next year that is!
SMP: What are the low moments of what you have been doing so far (regarding the event)?

NP: Unfortunately in July I had to take some time off which was when so many of the exciting decisions and communications were made. It meant that I missed this part of it which is always a shame.

SMP: What are the high moments of what you have been doing so far (regarding the event)?

Photograph of Natasha Preocanin, events manager at OnTheEdgeNP: I love getting to know the speakers, the conversations and general chit-chat Iíve had with them has been great. I do feel quite in awe of them though, they know so much!

SMP: Have you any early birds discounts (if so when does it end)?

: We do but our early bird discount ended 5th October, but SMP members are able to book our £95 tickets at any time using discount code SMP95

SMP: Best way to contact you?

NP: My mobile is never more than one foot away from me, so you can always use that +44(0)7889 336634 or via Twitter @OnTheEdgeLive, hash tag #EdgeBham and website

Now some questions for fun

SMP: What did you have for breakfast and lunch?

NP: For breakfast I had a very healthy and unappetising cereal bar Ė too fruity for my liking! Lunch was a very simple p‚tť on French bread.

SMP: Whatís the last good thing that you did for someone?

NP: Is it bad that I have to think about this quite hard?! I helped my sister update her CV along with a cover letter and even made her a cup of tea.

SMP: If you werenít running or working with On The Edge Birmingham (or doing what you do) what would you be doing?

NP: If I wasnít doing this, I think I would be doing something almost identical. Iím a bit of an organiser so events are my calling. However, if I could, I would have been travelling around South America for the last six-months and would currently be sitting on a beach in Brazil...

SMP: What will you be looking forward to most in Birmingham?

NP: I think Iíll be looking forward to the event starting, Iím a nervous wreck up until the event starts!

SMP: When and where did you go on your last holiday?

: I went to La Manga Resort in Spain. It was actually my mumís 50th, my granddadís 80th and my 2nd cousin from Australiaís 50th so needless to say it was quite busy Ė I think there were 20 of us in total. I needed a holiday to relax after that!

SMP: Whatís the first thing you do when you get into the office of a morning?

NP: Make tea... Iím a little bit of an addict Iím afraid to say. Although no one in the office seems to mind as it means theyíre always fully topped up.

SMP: If you had a superpower what would it be and why?

NP: It would definitely have to be the ability to teleport; you would be able to fit so much more into the day if you took out travelling time. Next on the list would be flying, although Iím not sure itís a very sensible superpower to choose if youíre petrified of heights!

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