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Future of Shopping Workshop 2019

Future of Shopping Workshop 2019Future of Shopping WorkshopDate: 31 January 2019Location: FonPit Office - Berlin Mitte, Mollstrasse 31, 10249, Berlin, GermanyThe Future of Shopping workshop will dissect popular practices in the B2C industry such as, omnichannel marketing strateg...


Savage Marketing 2019

Savage Marketing 2019Savage MarketingDate: 12-13 June 2019Location: Theater de Meervaart, 300 Meer en Vaart, 1068 LE Amsterdam NetherlandsUnleash your marketing superpowers at Savage Marketing 2019 - a place to learn, share, and network. This is not your average marke...


Savage.Z 2019

Savage.Z 2019Savage.ZDate: 30 January 2019Location: FORUM Factory, Besselstraße 13-14, 10969 Berlin, GermanyAt Savage.Z we’ll be joined by 150 marketers from B2C brands looking to engage the single largest up-and-coming consumer group on the market, Generation...


Steve George from Savage Marketing on the forthcoming Savage.Z 2019 event

Steve George from Savage Marketing on the forthcoming Savage.Z 2019 eventSteve George from Savage Marketing shares more about the powerhouse marketing conference coming soon, Savage.Z 2019Social Media Portal (SMP): What is your name and what do you do there for Savage Marketing and Savage.Z 2019?Steve George (SG): I’m ...