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New LiveWorld widget LiveEngage 1.0 integrates brand community sites with Facebook

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 05 August 2008


Social media marketing agency LiveWorld, Inc. has announced the launch of its LiveEngage Widget Series 1.0 for popular social networking site Facebook.

The application can be directly embedded into any Facebook page.  It functions as a marketing tool that automatically imports brand-related content from LiveWorld provided community sites to the userís Facebook page, creating a new bridge or window through which users can engage with the brand itself as well as interact with other users from the brandís website while they are still on their Facebook profile pages.

This effectively aggregates the brandís own siteís viral potential with that of the whole of the Facebook network, with users able to participate in polls and read posts.  Posting comments directly via Facebook will be possible later this summer.  Moreover, the new offering enables the brand to showcase content on Facebook using the same LiveWorld tools that operate within its own community site, significantly increasing the breadth of its online shop window.  Functionalities in development include support for multiple other social networks, notably OpenSocial.

Chairman and chief executive officer of LiveWorld Peter Friedman does not disguise his satisfaction with the new application, commenting that, ďLarge destination social networks such as Facebook can be excellent venues for a brand.  But to date, most Facebook marketing efforts have been promotional and short lived, lacking ongoing brand continuity and context.  Our LiveEngage series solves this problem for both users and brands by providing an ongoing connection between the brandís online community and Facebook.Ē

LiveWorld has announced that Neutrogena, along with its new social network focused on health and beauty, is its first client to implement LiveEngage 1.0.

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