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Retro games come to iPhone with Clickgamer

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 18 June 2009

Retro games come to iPhone with Clickgamer


80’s gamers can go back to old school retro games on iPod and iPod Touch

Mobile games portal Clickgamer has today unveiled a new retro-styled game for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch.

Dragon Panic, a pixilated game in true retro fashion was developed by mobile games company Binary Square, and features dragons that must defeat the Knight by incinerating his attacks.  The game is controlled by motion and tap screen, and with auto-save and online high scores for Dragon Panic fans to compete globally.

Paul Butt from Clickgamer’s iPhone publishing department comments, “Dragon Panic is a fun and intuitive game by Binary Square that will be a hit with retro-game fans around the world.”  

RetroDragon Panic image from gaming refers to popular games and consoles produced in the 1980’s, particularly the Atari, Commodore 64, Sega and the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).  It’s seeing somewhat of a revival today, with modern retro games being built with quality resolution, sound and memory restrictions imposed to mimic the 8-bit originals.

Mobile gaming, driven particularly by the popularity and user experience of the iPhone and iPod Touch, has seen much growth over the last twelve months.  US mobile network AT&T recently released a study that showed that nearly 60 per cent of users played games on their handset at least once a month, with 40 per cent playing weekly or more frequently.  A report issued by media research firm Screen Digest noted that Apple alone accounted for $100 million USD in mobile gaming revenues for the second half of 2008.

Dan Bliss, founder and developer at Binary Square comments, “Retro game fans will enjoy the retro graphics, sound effects and music that will let them go back in time and enjoy this classic gaming experience all over again.  It’s exciting for Binary Square to partner with Clickgamer for the launch of Dragon Panic as it connects us automatically with an established audience of mobile gaming enthusiasts.”

Dragon Panic is available in the Apple Store for £0.59 GBP or $0.99 USD.

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