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Playfish instals 100m games on Facebook, Bebo and MySpace

Rachel Hawkes (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 01 July 2009

Playfish delivers 100 million games in 18 months


Social gaming company Playfish Games sees over 100 million games installed in 1.5 years

Playfish LogoPlayfish, the London based social games company has today announced that over 100 million of its games have been installed across popular social networks such as Facebook, Bebo and MySpace.

Playfish rather ambitiously compare their success to be greater than hugely popular games such as Monopoly and PC game The Sims stating in its press release: “The achievement is significant when measured against other icons from different eras of gaming.  For instance Monopoly took approximately 45 years to reach that milestone, while The Sims accomplished it in eight years.”

The games company say that it has more than 30 million active players every month across its games titles; Crazy Planets, Restaurant City, Minigolf Party, Pet Society, Geo Challenge, World Challenge, Bowling Buddies and Who Has The Biggest Brain.  Pet Society, the company’s most popular game welcomes almost half of those visitors each month, which ranks it in the list of most used Facebook applications.  Restaurant City, which launched just 10 weeks ago has so far had more than 5 million players.

Playfish’s chief executive officer and co-founder Kristian Segerstrale says, “When we founded Playfish, our goal was to change the way the world plays games by creating experiences that are social and connected between friends.  Reaching 100 million installs in such a short time is clear proof of social gaming’s popularity and how loyal, enthusiastic and deeply engaged the Playfish community is.”

Gaming research company ThinkEquity says that social games have fundamentally shifted the games industry away from single player games to multi-player.  Vice president Atul Bagga comments, “By putting the emphasis on interaction between friends, social games have expanded the potential reach beyond traditional video games to an entirely new, non-gaming audience.

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