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Adobe Campaign Makes Real-Time Personalised Engagement a Reality

Adobe - 17 June 2019

New Triggered Journeys capability advances Customer Experience Management (CXM) for marketers

LONDON ---- Today, Adobe announces a new, industry-first capability called Triggered Journeys in Adobe Campaign, the company’s email and cross channel marketing offering for B2C marketers. Built leveraging Adobe Experience Platform – the industry’s first open platform for customer experience management (CXM) – Triggered Journeys will allow B2C marketers to set-up messaging that’s initiated and personalised by customer actions – making scalable, real-time engagement that is tailored at an individual level a reality.

Informed by centralised data stored in Experience Platform, brands can tailor the message for each recipient as insights accumulate. As an “event” occurs indicated by a consumers interaction with a brand, a cross-channel journey composed of a series of touchpoints – email, push notification, in-app or any other channel critical to your business – is then automatically triggered in real-time to the consumer. An event within Adobe Campaign is an activity defined by a brand that’s configured to pick up specific actions. Other examples of events brands can set up include a customer’s change in loyalty status, engagement with customer support, and weather or location changes.

Automation powered by Adobe Sensei is the core component, allowing Triggered Journeys to reach customers in the masses – removing resource-intensive manual creation. For this to take place in real-time, this is made possible through activation in Adobe Analytics – an industry first when it comes to cross-channel customer engagement.

For example, a hotel can create a geofence around its city that triggers customised engagement when a guest crosses that geofence upon landing at the airport. Depending on when the geofence is crossed and the availability of clean rooms, Triggered Journeys recognises she has arrived before her room is ready. The journey that is orchestrated invites the guest to store her luggage at the front desk, offers recommendations and details for activities to pass the time until check-in based on the weather forecast and her preferences – all via push notifications. Arriving at the hotel can trigger another real-time interaction, sending her a map of the property, including the locations of the earlier recommended activities on-site.

Kristin Naragon, Director of Product Marketing for Adobe Campaign, comments: “Triggered Journeys will complement marketers’ current outbound programs and allow the brand to go the extra mile for customers to truly build loyalty. This capability doesn’t require a technical background to use, uniquely bringing together data from other tools and departments that interact with customers, like customer service or product teams. Unlike legacy enterprise products that are notorious for their static, siloed customer data and their inability to fully understand customers, this normalises data across the enterprise to deliver cultivated experiences for each customer.”

“By collecting, processing and organising tens of millions of events per second from multiple sources, and combining it with Adobe Sensei, Experience Platform enables brands to engage with individuals in a contextual, personalised way across channels, in the most meaningful moments”, Kristin adds.

Momentum with customers

Over the past few months, several customers have been trialing Triggered Journeys in beta to:

Power in-store interactions: Retailers can deliver real-time personalised experiences to shoppers in brick and mortar stores fuelled by inventory, customer account information and individual’s physical locations. For example, notifying a shopper arriving at the shopping centre that a tie is now back in stock.
Enhance live events: At sporting events or concerts, for example, brands can engage customers once they make a purchase – pre-event, during the actual event and post-event, such as a discounted seat upgrade offer when entering the stadium.
Improve customer service: Combining service information with customer data to provide a better experience. For instance, a car manufacturer’s service department may provide a complimentary carwash, knowing a customer is frustrated about a second recall.
Bolster loyalty: Brands can deliver location-based experiences that tap into their own infrastructure combined with Experience Platform. For example, a company can incentivise customers by gamifying interactions tracked by beacons, rewarding and guiding them to their next challenge through mobile app channels.
Triggered Journeys in Adobe Campaign is available now. Learn more here about how Triggered Journeys and the rest of Adobe Campaign’s capabilities help you turn every interaction with your customers into an unforgettable experience.

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