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Volunteering Solutions community

Volunteering Solutions community

Volunteering Solutions provides affordable International Volunteer Abroad Programs in 19 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin/South America. Since 2006 Volunteering Solutions has provided great volunteering experience to over 5000+ volunteers from around the world. With a vast variety of volunteer programs starting at only $200, you will alwa...



VoxSwap is a free social newtork for people interested in helping one another learn each other's languages. A English speaker learning Spanish would chat with a person who speak Spanish but wants to improve their English. It features profiles, pictures, video, chat, forums, tags and messaging. It also has a built-in Google Translato...



The original virtual skip website.More features than the biggest social networking sites, and everything is free to upload and give away.For more innovative websites go to



Vyouz owns the ultimate collection of free to use recycling sites including and and many others.The unique approach and latest social networking introductions have made it very easy to give anything away. And of course the user community are very keen to showt about items they are giving awa...

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